The Viking Moot

Every Summer since 1977, hundreds – now thousands – of Vikings have flocked to the annual Moesgaard Viking Moot.

riginally, the intention was to create an alternative to festival plays and other performances – one where people did not put on costumes. But now, the Moesgaard Viking Moot has evolved into an event, where participants take pride in the fact that their costumes, homes and equipment closely resemble the originals of the Viking Age.

The market place is built from scratch with no prior buildings or installations. As did the Great Army, which legend says was led by the sons of Regnar Lodborg during the raids of England in the late ninth century, more than a thousand Vikings arrive on the beach at Moesgaard. In just a few days, they manage to raise a camp, and the warriors spend an entire week practicing for the great battle that takes place on the weekend. As it was the case in the Viking Age, merchants and craftsmen follow in wake of the warriors as does something quite unique – a cavalry of more than 60 horses.